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Software  Absolute HTML Compressor
This utility compresses your HTML code to remove unnecessary spaces and code that slows your users' downloads.
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Software  ASPexplore
This program includes an ASP browser and an ASP page collection wizard. The ASP browser is capable of interpreting and running ASP pages on-the-fly, along with regular HTML files. ASPexplore allows the opening and execution of a single page or an entire ASP site. In addition to the interpretation of scripts embedded into HTML, it enables the use of ODBC databases, ActiveX and server-side components. The wizard based application collects all ASP pages that together form a site, and then packs everything into a single executable file. It also generates the Windows setup program for redistributing the final application. This allows you to create portable multimedia presentations, move Web software to the desktop and test ASP software off-line.
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Software  HTML-Optimizer
This program optimizes your HTML and script code, including JavaScript, PHP and CSS. It also creates a duplicate site folder for the optimized files, leaving your original files untouched. You can use your original Web folder for editing and use the duplicate Web folder for uploading. The program only optimizes the pages that you have changed. Drag-and-drop is supported.
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Software  HTMLCompact
This is an HTML compression tool for Webmasters. The compression algorithm reduces size by up to 20 percent, leaving the rest of the page untouched.
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Software  HTMLZip
This program compresses HTML documents and creates packed JavaScript code with a self-extraction function. Once compressed, the HTML code will no longer be viewable.
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Software  Hyper Maker HTML 3000
This program allows you to create and distribute HTML-based e-books. It lets you package all HTML pages, linked images and sounds in an encrypted, compressed file. Your creations can include GIF, BMP, JPG and PNG graphics. Other supported file types include AVI movies, TrueType fonts, and WAV and MIDI sound files.
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Software  w3compiler
Create your XHTML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, and CFM files in mark-up and script, then let the w3compiler optimize and deploy changes automatically. The program employs safe compression, code condensing, visual and code comparison, and won't break sloppy code.
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Software  Zendecode.com
Zendecode is a site offering a low cost decoding service for php files encoded with Zend Encoder, Zend SafeGuard, IonCube, phpcipher or codelock. Very useful if you have lost your source code due to a backup failure, virus or any other problem resulting in the lost of your original php files. Their prices are very reasonable too, with lead times of just 2 days. The site offers a number of other coding and decoding tools online, such as Base64 Encoding, CRC32 Hashing, MD5 Hashing, SHA1 Hashing and a number of ciphers including the old basic type Monoalphabetic Substitution (replace all occurrences of a character with another character)!
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