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Misc. Tools


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Resources  123-Game
Inexpensive game content with good customizing features. Webmasters can use the games for branding, product images, lifestyle images, news presentation, competitions, prize drawings, etc.
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Resources  Entheos
It is a Flash, board marble Puzzle game. To win this game, you have to leave single marble on the board. Free download available.
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Resources  Gotmerchant.com Merchant Services
An online guide to merchant account services.
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Resources  LinkZu
Just highlight and click, that is all it takes for your visitors to make LinkZu grow. Make any text on your page linkable without having to define hyperlinks.LinkZu makes your pages come alive by allowing your visitors to highlight any piece of text on your webapge and providing a popup box with links defined by you that the text they highlight will be attached to. It makes for quick searches of highlighted text in search engines, dictionaries, movie quotes databases and many more.
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Resources  Merchant Accounts
Providing business merchant accounts including credit card processing software and equipment.
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Resources  Offer Live Help via Online Chat on your site for free!
ZaZaCHAT - Your website's Help Desk. It is a FREE web based solution for website operators to provide Live Support to their website visitors via online chat on their websites. First in the industry to provide internet-web-based Live Chat support system. No installs required.
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Resources  PDF on FLY
Its free PDF coversion / generation place for PHP, ASP, .NET, Java Programmers. Free PDF conversion for Home / Office Users. As a Free Web Based Service, PDFonFly allows you to quickly create PDF from anywhere in the world (PC, Mac, and Linux compatible).
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Resources  RSS Specification
RSS means Really Simple Syndication. Here you can find everything related to the RSS technology, from the general information about the format to specifications for professionals. Much attention is paid to using of RSS in internet business and marketing, and many, many more!
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Resources  @Bannerserver.com
BannerServer.com offers a central ad server solution to provide online banner serving, management, rotation and tracking services.
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Resources  A Free Calendar by brolmo.com
A Free Calendar is an online calendar service available to anyone with a website. When you create a calendar you need to copy a single line of HTML code and then put it on your web page. Edit your calendar events and options via own password protected administration page. There is no need to update your pages. You can use the calendar on ANY web page - HTML, HTM, PHP, ASP, CGI, PL, JSP ... and other valid html based web page. Free Brolmo Calendar has been tested on almost every browser - Internet Explorer, Mozzila, Netscape, Opera and few more not that popular with JavaScript support. You can have as many calendars as you want. You can use your calendars on all your website and pages. You can have multiple calendars on the same web page or website, for Free.
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