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Software  Actual Drawing
This is a visual authoring tool that allows you to build HTML Web pages by placing objects where you want them on the page. It includes templates and incorporates JavaScript, stylesheets and DHTML. You can preview your pages and it has built-in FTP support for uploading your pages to the Web. The program also includes built-in functions that allow you to add graphics and effects such as shadows, glowing text and transparent text.
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Software  Antenna - Web Design Studio
This visual Web site creator includes multiple layers, layer transparency, master pages, pixel accurate positioning, stylesheets and built in support for multi-language Web sites.
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Software  BlockNote for the Net
This program helps you edit your Web documents in a WYSIWYG editor. It allows you to create and edit tables, and insert images, hyperlinks and lists. You can also change text formatting attributes including fonts, sizes and colors. It helps you send your documents via e-mail in rich HTML format and allows you to print your HTML documents. You can export documents to PDF format and it includes spellchecking, and undo and redo functions. You can also open and save your documents as HTM, MHT and EML files.
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Software  CoffeeCup VisualSite Designer
This drag-and-drop Web site designer includes 70 templates and built-in uploading. Drag objects into position; then upload the results. You can make Web sites with multiple pages, text fields, graphics and animations. Pages can include images, and there are built-in button and background creators.
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Software  Contribute
Allows individuals and teams to update, create, and publish Web content to any HTML Web site. Contribute allows non-technical users to update Web content while maintaining site standards for style, layout, and code.
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Software  Cool Page
This Web page designer allows you to drag-and-drop your text, animations and backgrounds into place. The program features unlimited undo and redo, a clip-art collection and a built-in FTP client for publishing your page.
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Software  dbQwikSite
This allows you to place data on the Web by connecting to your database, customizing your pages, saving and publishing. It can create static pages, ASP pages and PHP pages. Templates make layout a simple task. Navigators are generated to allow users to move between pages, and data can be separated to any number of records per page.
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Software  DeskTopAuthor
This program allows you to create and e-mail a 3D presentation to customers, friends or family in a universal format. It provides WYSIWYG page creation and editing and lets you input questions, forms and tests directly in the Digital Web Book. This has a cut-and-paste function, internal image manipulation, and lets you hotlink to pages, Web sites, e-mail and files. You can set the program to turn pages automatically for trade show or in-store presentations. No browser is required and there is no downloading of software or plug-ins.
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Software  Effective Site Studio
This is a tool for creating and updating Web sites for people who don't know HTML. It combines a word processor, digital imaging and Web development tools. It automatically updates menus as you add, move and delete content. The graphical menus are also updated by the built-in graphical rendering engine, which creates images dynamically. You can import images from digital cameras, and previewing and publishing tools are supported.
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Software  EZGenerator Websitebuilder
This program creates Web pages, buttons, titles and menu structures, based on a collection of more than 2,000 graphical templates. The wizard interface allows you to automatically publish images, thumbnails and complete galleries, with or without automatic slideshows. You can scale, size, crop, rotate and mirror your images. The program also allows you to change the contrast, brightness and saturation settings, and apply various effects. The program supports more than 30 different picture formats. The built-in Catalogue Lister allows you to publish any kind of collection and keep the corresponding information up-to-date.
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