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Software  Build a Web Site
Make a website with this easy online builder.
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Software  010 Editor
This hex editor is capable of editing any binary file. Using binary templates, a file can be parsed into a data structure. 010 Editor includes an editor with standard cut, copy and paste commands. Files of any size can be loaded, and unlimited undo and redo are supported for all editing operations. Use the Inspector to edit data in a number of different formats. A set of editing and analysis tools are supplied including find-and-replace, binary compare, histograms, check sums, ASCII/EBCDIC conversion, importing and exporting, highlighting, bookmarks, and printing. An integrated expression calculator using C syntax is supplied and scripts may be written to modify files.
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Software  Antechinus JavaScript Editor
This allows you to add JavaScript code to your HTML pages. The editor provides unified color-coded syntax for both JavaScript and HTML. There is also unlimited undo and redo with context-sensitive help.
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Software  Asp.net components, controls and CMS system
Asp.net components, controls and CMS system. AspLib component library. Astron Digital CMS system. WYSIWIG html editor, Combobox, grid, tooltip, rotator, datepicker, timepicker, tabstrip, colorpicker, toolbar controls.
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Software  Boxer Text Editor
This text editor features syntax highlighting and printing, project support, FTP support, HTML support, column blocking, undo and redo options, a spell checker, and regular expression search-and-replace. You can define key assignments, set screen colors and fonts, create templates, and define external programs as tools. The spell checker includes more than 140,000 English words. The optional Active Spell Check feature can underline misspelled words as you type. You can open URLs and e-mail addresses directly from within text files, and the program includes a pop-up, multi-base programmer's calculator with full hex, decimal, octal and binary support. The calculator also has scientific, trig and memory functions. An HTML color chart is also included.
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Software  CgiTester
This is a tool for testing CGI scripts without an Internet connection. It allows HTML viewing, automatic script execution, and Perl output viewing for debugging, e-mail testing and database access testing.
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Software  Crimson Editor
This editor allows you to edit different text-based files such as programming languages including HTML, C/C++, Perl, Java, Matlab, LaTeX, ASP, PHP, JSP, EDIF, VHF and Verilog-HDL. Basic FTP functions are provided for uploading your code. You can also create macros and use search-and-replace. Column mode editing is supported in this update.
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Software  CRiSP Text Editor
This text editor incorporates all of the advanced concepts of vi, Emacs, BRIEF and various Windows products.
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Software  CSS Generator Wizard
CSS Generator Wizard is a free CSS Style Sheet Code Wizard. Generate your own CSS style sheet code with this free code generator. Use it free online or download it for anytime use from your desktop. Uncomplicated yet extremely thorough, it covers everything needed to produce internal and external style sheets. With our CSS Generator Wizard, you can easily create CSS style definitions in just minutes. Simply point & click, cut & paste! Articles, Tutorials, and helpful Links...
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Software  DzSoft Perl Editor
This is a tool for writing, editing and debugging Perl/CGI scripts. DzSoft Perl Editor includes a Code Explorer, editor with syntax highlighting, syntax check, debugging of command line, and CGI scripts with breakpoints and variables watch. The program can upload your script to FTP, export the source to HTML to publish on your Web site and find errors in your script.
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