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Software  Power Edit
With this text editor you can simultaneously edit many files of any size, with lines of any length. You can navigate between files with the tabbed interface, and can split each file window to see two views of the same file. It provides search-and-replace with soundex and approximate searches. It also allows you to remove leading spaces, delete position based text and blank lines, and extract e-mail addressed and URLs.
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Software  Programmers Notepad
This is a text editor that includes project management functions, search-and-replace, and syntax highlighting for multiple languages. The program also includes a hex editor and can switch between hex and text modes with any open file. It can run external programs such as compilers and syntax checkers, and display their output with the relevant file. It also includes a built-in HTML previewer supporting IE and Mozilla engines. This program supports C, C++, HTML, PHP, Object Pascal, Java and XML. The coloring used for each language is customizable, as is the editor behavior.
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Software  SmEdit
This is a text editor designed for general text manipulation and viewing. It can handle large files, view rich text files and can be used for advanced tasks such as a simple programming editor. It includes an on-top setting and an automatic font selector for specified file types. It also provides three programmable run buttons and an insert function that can store up to five strings. It includes a customizable tool bar, a status bar, line number display, Unicode support, save and loaded file size display, time insert, goto-line, full search and replace, auto file registering and restoring for 12 file types and two customizable types, and a unique descriptive icon for each file type.
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Software  Top Perl Studio
Top Perl Studio is an Integrated Development Environment for Perl, providing comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for editing, testing and deploying CGI/Perl based web applications. Top Perl Studio offers built-in HTTP server, internal browser, powerful code editor, built-in FTP client, visual file comparison utility, configurable syntax highlighting, file and server explorer, code completion for built-in Perl functions and HTML tags and more.
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Software  TxtEdit
This is an editor for text or Rich Text files. TxtEdit contains a send-to function for viewing files in different file formats. You may use TxtEdit to edit HTML, Perl or PHP files, and you can insert tags from a customizable list. Unicode is supported, as well as character sets using 8-bit ANSI encoding. It includes a spell checker and page preview. Multiple languages are supported including English, German and Hungarian.
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Software  txtPro
This is a multi-purpose ASCII text editor, code editor and HTML editor. It includes an HTML toolbar. You can open and edit multiple documents of any size. You can use it for coding and for editing system files. Rich text format is also supported.
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Software  UltraEdit-32
This is a text, HEX and programing editor. It includes a spell checker with foreign language support, syntax highlighting, CTags support and find-and-replace. It supports compilers and linkers, hexadecimal and binary editing, key mapping and macros.
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Software  WildEdit
This program makes the same changes to several files at once. It edits a set of text files in a folder hierarchy, filtered by wildcards. You simply specify the search text, optionally using a regular expression, the replacement text and a wildcard filter. Then, let it run. This process can be repeated as often as is required, and up to the last 10 changes can be undone and redone.
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Software  Word Cleaner
This Web design tool enables you to batch convert Word files to HTML and clean out all of the unnecessary tags, reducing the size of your files. The program also works with RTF and TXT files.
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