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Content and Code Protection


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Software  Advanced HTML Encrypt and Password Protect
Encrypt and protect your HTML pages or a whole web site with a password!
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Software  Auratech Affilate Link Cloaker
This program helps you hide your affiliate program links from your visitors. If it's too obvious that your link is an affiliate link, people might not click on it or they might go straight to the main URL of the link. They may also substitute your link with their own affiliate ID. This means you will not receive a commission from these users even though you were the one who refered them. To solve this problem you can cloak your link with this software.
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Software  ByteRun HTML Protector
Professional tool for protecting HTML pages of web sites. After protection, source of your HTML pages, as well as JavaScript code can't be read or edited with HTML editor.
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Software  CryptBot web-Sign
This is Web-based digital signature and encryption software for facilitating Web based e-business and e-government securities. It manages digital information confidentiality according to the electronic transaction and e-signature laws. This security application is designed for securely and digitally signing, encrypting and decrypting sensitive Web pages in order to authenticate, verify its integrity, keep its confidentiality and prevent repudiation of signer by using the Public Key Infrastructure. CryptBot web-Sign consists of three programs - the Web-Sign for multiple digital signatures creation, the Web-Crypt for encrypting and the Web-Verifier for verifying all digitally signed web pages.
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Software  HTMLProtector
This tool protects the content of your Web pages and prevents others from viewing or using your source code. It can also stop spam robots from extracting e-mail addresses from your pages and prevent users from using page downloaders to download your entire Web site to their hard drives. The program offers two JavaScript-based encryption methods to choose from and a variety of other tweaks including right-click disable and printing disable. You can also password protect your pages and insert copyright information.
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Software  Javascript Obfuscator
This program converts JavaScript source code into scrambled and unreadable form, preventing it from being analyzed and stolen theft. Javascript Obfuscator can process javascript tags in HTML files and all JS files associated with HTML pages as well as separate JS files. It can remove comments and white spaces, reducing the file size and minimizing the loading time. It can pack the code as a long line, add finishing semi-colons when appropriate, create a list of function and variable names, generate new non-understandable names and rename functions and variables depending on user settings, and work with command line.
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Software  Natata Anti-Spam Encoder
This program searches for e-mail addresses in your Web pages and encodes them into a format that cannot be read by robots that spider Web sites to extract e-mail addresses. Your visitor will not see the difference, and your encoded e-mail link will look and function exactly as a normal link. The program allows you to create single links manually and can also batch process multiple pages and automatically convert any e-mail link it finds. It uses a non-Java method to encode the link, so it is compatible with any browser.
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Software  Trellian WebSafe
This program provides protection for your files. It encrypts HTML so that the information is safe from intruders, solicitors and spiders. The software also performs as a function disabler, unwanted tag stripper and HTML optimizer. You can disable the right-click function on your entire Web site, encrypt HTML pages and strip unwanted tags.
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