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Remotely Hosted  Ardice Guestbook
Get a free guestbook and get excellent feedback. Offers spam protection. Create your Ardice Guestbook account now free.
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Remotely Hosted  Edorel
Free guestbooks. No ads! Fully customizable. Unlimited messages!
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Remotely Hosted  HostedBooks.com
Do you want to add more interactive on your web site? Do you want to be closer to your visitors? Add the guestbook on your site! Just register & place a link on your site to your guestbook. We will do the rest part!
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Remotely Hosted  1-2-3 Webtoots
1-2-3 WebTools you will get a free personal guestbook and a free for all link-page.
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Remotely Hosted  a-free-guestbook.com
Free guestbook with MSN smilies and Bulletin Board code.
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Remotely Hosted  AnvilBook
At AnvilBook.com you can get a free, easy to use guestbook for your website. Customizing the layout, colors, titles and questions is easy through the guestbook administration area. The guestbook comes with a built in spam detection limiting the number of unwanted commercial posts. Should someone post something you wouldn't want on your guestbook anyway. Then you can easily remove it from the guestbook through the guestbook administration interface...
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Remotely Hosted  Bloke.com's Free GuestBook
Try my free Java Guestbook. It's as simple as inserting some HTML into your page ! (and has a pretty cool interface!)
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Remotely Hosted  CleanGuestbook
Create your own SPAM PROTECTED GUESTBOOK within 5 minutes and be sure of the add on benefits of using our system.
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Remotely Hosted  E-GuestBooks
E-GuestBooks provides free and fee based internet guestbooks for your web site, blog, group or forum.
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Remotely Hosted  eFreeGuestbooks.com
Free, remotely hosted, highly customizable guestbook for websites.
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