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Misc. Development Tools


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Software  BitKinex FTP Client
The current version supports the FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS and WebDAV protocols including direct (FXP) and indirect (protocol independent) server-to-server transfers, request scheduling and resumption, properties inheritance, command line interface, file filters, etc.
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Software  Java4Less
Scripts and components for the web development. Charts, Graphs , barcodes and reports for Java, Php, .NET, ASP.
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Software  Software Testing
Offers independent software testing and quality assurance services for financial and banking systems.
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Software  WAPT - Web Site Load, Stress and Performance Testing
WAPT is a load and stress testing tool for websites and web-based applications. It uses a fully customizable set of virtual users to simulate a real-life load. Test scenario can be detailed up to unique parameters for each individual user. Testing of dynamic web applications, recording and playback of HTTPS requests, and several authentication schemes are supported. Descriptive graphs and reports allow you to see and fix performance bottlenecks.
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Software  Web Page Builder
Very easy to use step-by-step instructional wizard web page builder from Web Smartz. No technical knowledge required. Template and flash libraries included. Free trial download.
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Software  WSOP: Optimize your Website Loading Times
WSOP is a program for website load time testing and optimization. It makes the complete analysis for all web page elements and provides a set of reports, statistics and suggestions to improve your website load time and performance. WSOP checks your site for errors and broken links and highlights the problem elements with a built-in HTML viewer. The program supports custom testing scenarios for regular tests.
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Software  0-Code HTML Converter
This tool allows you to insert HTML code in a script file. Supported script formats are JavaScript, JSP, ASP, PHP and Perl. You can also use this to convert text or rich text to HTML.
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Software  3D Webmaker
This program allows you to build 3D Web sites including malls, exhibitions and museums. They can be incorporated into existing Web sites. The HTML pages, JavaScript codes and ActiveX plugins are generated automatically.
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Software  4W WebMerge
This program generates static HTML pages from any database or spreadsheet, including Microsoft Access, FileMaker Pro, and Excel. Use your favorite HTML editor to design custom templates for your index and details pages. Generated pages can be uploaded to any server with no need for dedicated database hosting.
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Software  ActiveHTML
This CGI program provides pure Active Server Pages your Web server. It provides full support for session variables, has automatic GZIP content compression, uses original Microsoft VBScript and JScript engines, and lets you use your own compiled components. It supports all scripting languages.
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