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Software  Buy Pagerank
IncreasePR is specializes in search engine optimization and PageRank solutions.Get ready for first automatical.
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Software  Check Rankings
Check Rankings is a Free service that automatically monitors your keyword rankings for Google, Msn, Yahoo, Teoma, Alltheweb, Altavista, and Aol using the top 100 results. With Check Rankings, you are able to view graphical reports and trends for your keyword search rankings for the major search engines listed. This Search Engine Ranking Tool is the simplest and the most effective keyword tracking tool on the internet. All you do is Sign up for a Free Account and starting inserting your keywords and key phrases, then Check Rankings will do the rest. Login daily or week to see if your search engine optimization is working toward help improving your keyword rankings.
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Software  mnoGoSearch Lite
This is a search engine designed to organize searches within a Web site, number of Web sites, intranet or local system. It is designed to work with small volumes of data (1,000-3,000 documents) and features a built-in database so that no additional database software is needed.
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Software  Professional page counter and web log analyzer in one program!
More than 400 reports will help you to know everything about real visitors. (not just about hits). Unique reports which help you to control your any advertising companies.
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Software  Search Engine Builder Professional
This program indexes Web sites and local HTML, WORD and PDF files then generates an ASP, PHP or JavaScript search engine for your Web site, CD-ROM or Intranet.
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Software  Site Content Analyzer
This program examines HTML pages online and offline to provide you with a detailed report about keyword density, weight and relevance. You can use it to retrieve real-time reports about your current standings for any keyword or search phrase. The program can analyze entire Web sites or selected pages, generating tree-like reports.
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Software  Site Search Pro 2.0
Site Search Pro is comprehensive php and asp web site search script.
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Software  Surfinity Search
This search engine works with most server and desktop databases. It performs full-text searches and near-real-time index updating. It supports logical operators and parentheses in search queries.
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Software  Trellian SiteSpider
This program includes search, web crawling and site mapping functions. It can be used as a Web browser, which works cooperatively with Internet Explorer to allow importing and utilization of your favorites directory. Trellian SiteSpider can help you to extract data from any Web site. The data is then organized into a panel, which can also be conveniently exported into folders and lists, depending upon file types. While using it the same way as a Web browser, you can also search for and list photos, movies, e-mail addresses, applications, documents or music. It will also list every HTML document that it has crawled.
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Software  Zoom Search Engine
This software helps Web developers add custom search engines to Web sites. Fast search results are made possible by pre-indexing your Web site in advance. This program does this from the convenience of your own Windows computer. It provides spider and offline indexing modes, DOC and PDF file support, wildcard searches, Windows GUI indexer, relevance scoring, user search logging, configurable exclusion sections, and duplicate page detection. PHP, ASP or JavaScript search front-ends are available.
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