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Special FX


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Software  Advanced Applet Suite
This program allows you to create scratch-and-win games, vertical and horizontal Java menus, professional images and banners, crossword games with sounds, streaming audio for your Web site and animated 3D pie charts.
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Software  Anfy
This is a collection of Java applets that can be configured using the Windows interface. Banners, menus, buttons, text-scrollers and special effects are included. You can also create screen savers with this tool.
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Software  IMS Web Engine
This DHTML authoring tool allows you to create event driven animation. Triggers for events can be defined in numerous ways and the animation can be hierarchically linked, allowing for creation of complex motions from simple templates. It also allows importing and exporting of several image formats, audio formats and text formats.
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Software  My Website Talks!
Add sound to your Website and e-mail messages with this utility. It records your voice and generates streaming audio files.
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Software  Sudoku Script
Free easy-to-insert sudoku script for all sorts of websites
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Software  WebSpeak
This allows you to make your Web pages talk using Microsoft Agent characters. When someone visits your site, a Microsoft Agent character pops out and starts talking. You can program the character to speak or select one of several animations.
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