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Software  CSE HTML Validator Lite
This is an HTML development tool for Windows that helps you create syntactically correct HTML and XHTML. It also helps you quickly locate and fix HTML problems so that your documents are viewed by a variety of Web browsers. You can even fix your documents inside of the program by using the integrated editor.
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Software  DHE Editor
This is an HTML, ASP, PHP, CFM and JSP page editor. You can import JPG, JPEG, BMP, WMF, EMF, RLE, PNG, TGA, TIF, TIFF, ICO, PCX, PCD and PSD files, and convert them to appropriate Web formats. You can automatically generate dynamic cross-browser compatible pages. It supports file insertion and recursion, and you can inherit properties from an imported file to an actual file. You can associate events to parts of labels, pictures, input fields and imported files. Anchor creation is supported by labels, objects and pictures. DHE Editor can generate complex labels with multiple colors, formatting, stylized fonts and graphical effects.
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Software  HTML Link Validator
This is a tool for checking Web pages for broken links on Web servers or local computer. HTML Link Validator checks filenames case sensitively. It can catch most types of errors and give you a full report on all links found in Web pages and Web sites.
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Software  Inspyder InSite
Crawl your entire site for spelling mistakes and broken links. Just enter your URL and go!
Checking database driven web applications in a traditional IDE or text-editor is impossible. InSite solves this problem and enables you to check all your dynamic content for errors in seconds.
SmartSense technology helps eliminate false positives generated by industry specific terms, company and partner names. This gives you the most accurate results every time.
InSite runs on the Windows but can check web sites running on any platform serving static or scripted pages, regardless of the backend technology (such as PHP, ASP, Perl, etc).
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Software  Link Checker Pro
This program checks links on your Web site to make sure they are working correctly. While the program tests the site, it displays the number of links that it has checked and how many remain. The program will either display working links or broken links. After the link check is finished, you have the option to create a report in HTML, Excel or text format.
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Software  LinxExplorer
This link validation tool checks Web sites and local HTML files for broken links. It checks internal and external links relative to the starting URL, and presents the results in real time. The results can be filtered and exported to HTML or text format. Reports can be displayed in the integrated text viewer or an external program that is associated with text or HTML files. You can open and edit multiple local HTML and text files. LinxExplorer logs and displays all protocol-specific data exchanged with the Web server. Program has built-in color text and image viewers, and you can examine downloaded images, ASCII text and HTML files. LinxExplorer supports several Internet protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS and FTP. It also supports the following proxies: SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP and HTTP tunneling.
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Software  ScrypTik
This Javascript authoring tool can syntax check Javascript code. The editor has color syntax highlighting and always shows line numbers. Many pieces of Javascript and HTML template can be inserted from menus. All Javascript code is extracted, and syntax is checked for integration with the surrounding HTML objects. There are lists of ASCII codes and Javascript code trees. The trees displays all global variables, functions, HTML named objects and events on the left side of the editor. Selecting any tree item or error in the error list positions the editor to the appropriate line and highlights it.
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Software  SortSite
SortSite allows web site builders and owners to check entire sites for standards compliance and quality issues. It's simple to use: just type in a URL and click Check. SortSite follows links, checking each page it finds, then produces a report listing every problem. The 300+ quality checkpoints.
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Software  Trellian WebTidy
This program optimizes your Web sites by analyzing all of your code and correcting errors, line-by-line. It reformats and recodes sections of your HTML so the layout is sompatible with all HTML applications.
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Software  Web Link Validator
This is a site management and link checker utility that helps you automate the process of Web site testing. The software performs an analysis of a Web site to finds broken links, orphaned files, slow-loading, and deep, outdated and small-sized pages. The program can access HTTPS resources and password-protected pages, and will work via a proxy server. Reports about the checked pages can be saved in HTML, TXT, RTF, CSV or MS Excel formats.
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